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Golden Wall Mirror 60 x 150 cm VARS

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Silver Wall Mirror 50 x 100 cm GARDES

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White Wall Mirror 50 x 100 cm GARDES

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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who owns the most beautiful place? You, obviously. At least it should be so.  You should feel nice and comfortable in your home.  If it is not so, it"s high time to replace your furniture to beautify your home. With our modern products at competitive prices it is even easier to do than to say.

The easiest way to „reorganize“ the room or hallway are large mirrors. They visually enlarge the interior and bring shine to the room, thanks to their silver or gold frames. The mirror is used not only for this purpose, but it also gives the room more brightness. A mirror hung in a room reflects sunlight or lamplight. Be careful while hanging! Mirrors are very heavy, and the correct height must be determined.

No wonder that mirrors are an integral part of many homes. Since they are very practical, they can be found in both classic and modern homes. One look in the mirror to quickly check if everything is in its place - especially for women, this procedure is extremely popular. Of course, the mirror can only be a decoration. They decorate every room, bedrooms and more and more often even kitchens.  For bathrooms we recommend our furniture sets with mirrors.

Simplicity and elegance are not a domain of only our mirrors, it is typical for all Beliani’ s furniture. If you like this style, please visit our website and find a matching bed or sofa to your mirror.

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