Stainless Steel Furniture

Classical wooden garden furniture has dominated the garden furniture market for a very long time. Recently, there was a change on the market when it comes to different shapes, colours and materials. The most popular are polyrattan furniture that is loved by clients because they are simple and comfortable. However, also the steel furniture became popular. Furniture made from stainless steel are durable and elegant. It is easy to arrange them in your house and garden.

Stainless steel is very often mixed with other materials to make the assortment more diverse. It is especially suitable for granite furniture that look naturally in the garden. Beliani has got a big offer of granite slabs with the addition of stainless steel. No matter if it is granite furniture set or only a table with the granite slab your garden will look great thanks to those items. Our garden granite tables are available in different colours (grey and black) and textures (polished or tanned). You can buy 1-part or 3-part slabs. If you follow our tips of furniture care our products will last for many years.

Garden chair is a great addition to the table and it is available in our offer as a separate product. Thanks to stainless steel the chair is not only easy in maintenance, but also very durable. The seat can be made of polyrattan or textile fibre – both materials offer maximum comfort and relax. If needed, additional chairs can be also ordered to the set that you already have.

Other material that can be mixed with stainless steel is teak. Both are resistant to different weather conditions and can be left outside without any problems. After some time the surface of the stainless steel furniture with teakwood may cover with grey coating called patina. You can remove them delicately with sand-paper or specimen for wood caring - teak oil would be the best choice. The existing layer may be grinded without any problems. The furniture may be composed with garden accessories like sun umbrella or rain cover.

Beliani offers only high quality and elegant furniture in very good prices. Because we do not use other agents to sell our products, we can lower the costs maximally and therefore offer you unique furniture in reasonable prices. In our offer you can also find concrete or aluminium garden furniture. To the bedroom and living room we can offer you our best leather furniture in different sizes. The whole offer is available on our website. Our customer care department will answer all your questions.

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