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There are few reasons for which our clients are delighted with water beds. This bed fits the body ideally thanks to which you can wake up feeling fully relaxed. Water mattresses adjust themselves to every move so the spine is always put in a correct position. Thermostatic bed heating provides the ideal sleeping climate. The heat is good for back and joint aches.

In our shop we have a wide selection of elegant water beds of high quality. No matter if it is wood, upholstery or leather – everyone will find something suitable. In our offer we have mattresses of different wave reduction levels. We also have removable covers (both in open and closed forms). To make the water mattress more stable you can purchase foam frame available in different sizes. Additionally, we sell various accessories, for example nutrients, that make the water in the mattress clean and fresh for a long time.

The water bed is also suitable for people with allergies to dust.

On our website you will also find tips how to maintain mattresses and covers.

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